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Day 13: Martin’s Favorite Things! – July 28

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Kickstarter: Behind the Scenes

Jonathan & Emily’s video blog is a sneak peek behind the scenes of their life and ministry together. Here is glimpse at some of the fun and challenges of getting our Kickstarter ready to launch!

The Martins Go To Atlanta! – Ep.9

Jonathan & Emily’s video blog is a sneak peek behind the scenes of their life and ministry together. The Martin’s had a busy but great week in Atlanta! We’d love to visit your church! Contact us @

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What an incredibly precious and talented couple who write awesome scripture songs. You will be blessed.

Mark Loy (Music Pastor of Green Street Baptist Church)

We love Jonathan and Emily. God uses their heart for the power of Scripture to teach God’s Word through music. They just so happen to sound amazing doing it too!

Nick Vipperman (Lead Pastor of Galilee Christian Church)

If you want a great worship experience for your group, not just good singing, but true worship, you will not be disappointed with Jonathan and Emily Martin. Their heart for worshipping God through their music is wonderful. Using scripture as the basis for all they do, both during worship and outside of worship (on twitter, Facebook, etc.) is absolutely a blessing. They love God and will lead your group into His presence. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to allow God to use them in your ministry.

Chris Quinto (Youth Pastor of Huntington First Baptist Church)

My wife, Bree, and I were introduced to Jonathan and Emily Martin through our church in Atlanta last year. We knew immediately that God was using their music ministry to usher in the kind of worship Jesus describes in John 4:24 – that done “in spirit and truth.” The result is an authentic mix of raw lyric and humble adoration. Of the thousands of tunes we have currently stored in our library, my wife and I find ourselves spontaneously breaking out in a Martin tune most often. They are something very special…and we simply want to introduce them to everyone we know.

Kendall Tuttle