3 Reasons Why You Should Trust God

Trust is born out of what we believe is true.

As I’ve been thinking and reading recently, I’ve realized that there are three really good reasons why I believe that I can trust God. I think they are three reasons for why you should trust God too.

Trust is born out of what we believe is true

1. He gets you

I have a tendency to over-explain myself. I do that because I’m often afraid that I’m going to be misunderstood.

We all long to be seen. We all long for some else to “get” us…to really understand us. We long for someone to really hear what we’re trying to say. Even our closest relationships let us down here from time to time. There is simply no human being who can truly and fully get you 100% of the time. That really is a bit of a letdown, but here’s the good news: God 100% gets you 100% of the time.

Lord…you know when I sit down and when I stand up. You understand my thoughts from far away…You are aware of all my ways. Before a word is even on my tongue, You know all about it.Psalm 139:2-4

We so often reject or dismiss the uncomfortable counsel of others in our lives by telling ourselves that the other person “just doesn’t understand.” If they really understood, surely they would think differently?

That’s just not the case with God. I can trust God because I know that He really does understands me. He intimately knows all that there is to know about me. There is not any kind of misunderstanding on His part.

That’s a huge comfort and a relief for me. Relationally, it makes me feel incredibly loved when I embrace the fact that God really does “get” me. But if that’s true, I can’t chalk up my disobedience to a misunderstanding on God’s part. I can’t say, “well, if God only knew what it was like to live in 2015, He probably wouldn’t say blah blah blah.”

Instead I’m compelled by God’s love to listen closely, trust, and be obedient to His counsel

There is so much peace and freedom in fully submitting to and trusting the authority of God. I know that this sounds counterintuitive. It will continue to not make sense so long as you and I aren’t trusting that God really does understand us.

2. He wants the best for you

The thief comes to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that [you] might have life and have it in abundance.John 10:10

Jesus really and truly wants the best for you. We are all so silly because we function with this Adam-inflicted belief that the only one who really wants the absolute best for me is me. But we’re not really honest with ourselves.

If I asked you if you wanted the best for yourself, you would probably say “yes, of course.”

But if we are really honest, most of us really want what is easiest, most comfortable, and most fun in the moment…not necessarily what’s best.

For example, we know that eating junk and never working out isn’t probably the best decision, but working out is just too much work and so we settle for less than the best.

we are bent towards choosing what is easiest over what is best
We are incredibly prone to self-destruction partially because we are bent towards choosing what is easiest over what is best.

My point is this, Jesus wants what’s best for you more than you do. Because of this, you really can trust Him.

3. He is constantly working for your best

Not only does God want the best for you, He is also able to secure the best for you.

We know that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes.Romans 8:28

If you have confessed your sin and believed in Jesus’s atoning work on the cross for you, then God is actively working for your best.

The Lord isn’t just some passive observer who is hoping that things will work out for you. He is FIGHTING for your best. Jesus Himself stepped into the mess our sin created and literally died SO THAT you could have the best.

He isn’t benched on the sidelines calling out plays. Right after the John 10:10 Jesus refers to Himself as the Good Shepherd. A good shepherd is fighting for the flock. A good shepherd is actively rescuing the flock. A good shepherd is out in front leading the flock. Jesus has done and is doing all of these things for you.

You really should trust Him.

You really should trust the good counsel of His Word.

Not because it makes you a good person, but because you realize that you are a deeply loved person.

Jesus never promises that we will have a trouble free life. In fact, he says almost exactly the opposite. But He does promise that, when we trust Him, there will be no pointless pain. He is causing everything to work for our ultimate good…for our ultimate best.

You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.John 16:33

God’s Word has become abundantly life-giving to me. I still struggle with fully trusting God and being obedient to His Word, but each day the Lord is leading me to deeper, peaceful waters of trust.

Let Him lead you there too. You can trust Him.

The song below comes from John 6. Peter had reached a point where he trusted the words of Jesus so much that he couldn’t imagine giving his trust to anyone or anything else. Jesus’s words had become life-giving to Peter.

We wrote the song below to remind ourselves that we can trust the life-giving Word of God and to encourage you to do the same.