Imagine This…

Have you ever thought…

1. “I sure would love for Jonathan & Emily to come and sing at MY church!”


2. “I sure would love to find a way to start connecting with my unbelieving neighbors, friends, and family.”

If so, then a Word in Worship home show might be just what you are looking for!

A.) We would love to visit your church! but what if we do one better, what if we come and play for you and your friends IN YOUR LIVING ROOM?!?! You’d get to share some music you love with those that you love…AND it’s pretty darn good way to help us come to your Church someday. How so? Well, often times pastor and worship pastors really need to see and experience for themselves the Word in Worship ministry before they are going to consider letting us come and share with their people. Inviting both us and them into your home creates a potential opportunity for us to get in-front of those who make the decisions at your church…creating a greater likely-hood that we would be able to visit your church in the future. Make sense?

B.) Hosting a home show is not only an awesome way to share some great music with your close friends and family…it’s also a great CONNECTING POINT for sharing the gospel with unbelieving neighbors, friends, and family. Some folks might be put off by the idea of visiting your church with you. (That’s okay, you should try anyway!) However, most folks are probably FAR MORE likely to visit to your HOME if you invited them in! A home concert is relaxed, fun, and entertaining but also…as you know, our aim is to fill our music with the powerful truth of God’s Word in a way that inspires and convicts. Those that come aren’t going to leave without hearing the powerful message of Jesus and the Gospel! If anything, the shared experience of a Word in Worship concert in your home would be a great start to some good conversation about your faith. How awesome would that be?!?!

We would love to partner with you!! AND, as you can see with the infographic on the right…it’s actually not a hard thing to put together AT ALL!

If you’re even remotely interested, give us a shout and we’ll see if we can make something happen!


Our Home Show Hosts!