How much does the Word really matter?

John 1:1 How highly do you esteem the Word of God?

In the passage above, it seems that John so highly esteems God’s Word that he is having a hard time trying to separate the words of God from the very person of Jesus.

You see this with all the disciples, the guys who actually lived their lives in community with Jesus. They just think so highly of Jesus’s WORDS!

That’s why in John 6 Peter proclaims, “Lord, where would we go when you have the WORDS of eternal life!”

Yes, where would we go if we didn’t have the words spoken by the Word made flesh?

John 1:14It just makes sense right? If we believe that God Himself came down, wrapped Himself in our flesh, and lived a real life among us…wouldn’t we cling to His Words? God is here…AND HE’S SPEAKING TO US!

As you stop to think about it for a minute, doesn’t it take your breath away a little bit? When you stop just enough to really believe that it could be true…aren’t you filled with wonder…and awe…and thirst?

I’m praying that this Christmas season would make us all incredibly thirsty. Thirsty for words of the Word made flesh.

I’m praying and hoping that we can all give-in to that thirst together in 2016. That we would drink deeply from the Word of God and be filled with beauty, wonder, power, and life-giving help!


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