That Time I Humiliated Myself On Stage…

To be honest, I’ve embarrassed myself multiple times while on stage…

There was that time (or two…or more) that I completely forgot the lyrics to the song I was about to sing.

There was that time when I was playing guitar for a female singer at a wedding. Our song was during the procession of the bride. THE PROCESSION OF THE BRIDE PEOPLE!! Ugghhhh….so the story goes, that I confidently started strumming the guitar and at the appropriate moment the female vocalist starts singing. She then proceeds to shoot me a look of complete horror. I forgot the capo and she is now singing the song two and half steps lower than planned! I made her GROWL as the bride walked down the isle! I’m hoping that most people weren’t aware because they were so taken by the bride. But the groom noticed because he is a musician. THE GROOM! Booo! Can I get a do-over please?! Or maybe I’ll just go hide…

Disclaimer: I realize that telling you this story is a risk, but please believe me when I say that these things are RARE. So, if you invite us to play music for your wedding, I will make a valiant effort to be on my A-game. 

I’ve spilt communion juice all over myself, while wearing a white shirt. WHITE! Really? I hardly every wear while! But of course, the day that the juice decided to leap out of the cup was coordinated perfectly with my white-shirt day.

I could go on…

But there is one time whilst on stage that truly takes the cake.

I served at a church in Nashville for several years and one summer I was asked to preach on a Sunday morning. Our church was going through various Psalms and I had just written a song based on Psalm 130 called “As The Watchmen.” You can listen to that song by clicking HERE or by listening to the media player at the end of the post.

I über prepared and was super excited to share what God was teaching me in through Psalm 130. I broke down the Psalm and covered it in sections. The 2nd “section” of the Psalm says this:

“Lord, if You counted every sin, Lord, who could stand? But with You there is forgiveness that You may be feared.”

Mmmm! Good stuff!

I shared about how David was in the middle of feeling the “muck” and weight of his sin before God. Have you ever been there? I have!

I was super serious about what I was sharing and I proceeded to highlight the importance of the word ‘but‘ and the fact that David was reminding himself and talking to himself about the character of God.

However, I made the GRAVE mistake of saying something like this:

“David is feeling the weight of his sin, but then, look at the sweetness of the ‘but!’
There is so much sweetness in the ‘but!’ 

Now this may seem harmless as you are reading it…but let me remind you that there was NO reading at this point. There was only hearing the words coming out of my mouth! 

Of course, chuckles started breaking out across the room. I believe it started in the youth section and fanned out from there.

With growing eyes and rosy cheeks I realized my error and proceeded to say, “wow, that doesn’t quite sound out loud how it sounded in my head.”

It was then that I switched to the powerpoint slide where I had my point WRITTEN just to show that I indeed meant ‘but’ and not ‘butt.’

O GOODNESS!…needless to say, we all got a pretty good laugh.

After the service a few people suggested that we make shirts with the phrase, “the sweetness of the ‘but.’

I don’t think I’ll ever do it, but I kinda liked the idea.

I liked it because, sure, it’s startling and sounds a little funny at first glance, but the truth behind what I was TRYING to say still resonates deeply in my core.

I’m so thankful for the ‘but’ in Psalm 130:4

The phrase before the ‘but’ is true. If God were to count and mark against me all my sins, I would crumble. It would be hopeless. I feel that truth deeply. I am broken and sinful. I am selfish. My flesh is full of lust and pride and envy and all kinds of wickedness.


But God!

But with God there is forgiveness. There is pardon through Jesus. Not the “sweep it under the rug” kind of pardon. The bought at a price kind of pardon!

I’m so thankful for the Gospel! I’m so thankful for the ‘but!

The ‘but’ is a sweet word to me because that word is LOADED with the Gospel. It’s a word that is full of promise and hope for my future. It’s a word that is perfectly placed. It transitions my thoughts from the depth of my sins to the greater depths of God’s grace and mercy that is available to me through Christ.

Yes, praise God for the ‘but!’

I need to remember the ‘but’ again today. I need to remind myself of the Gospel today. And you do too!

I hope that, even in all my blundering and embarrassment, the Holy Spirit will illuminate for you today the sweetness of the fact that God forgives!

Know that no matter how you feel today…God’s character doesn’t change. He is still a God that offers forgiveness to even the worst of offenders through the blood of Christ. Believe today (maybe for the first time….maybe for the 385th time!) that Jesus is enough. Believe that His great work on the cross was enough to give you access to the forgiveness of God.

I wrote the song “ As the Watchmen” as a reminder to myself. A reminder to wait for and believe in the promises of God even when I don’t feel them or see them. Specifically, to wait for and believe in His promise of forgiveness and salvation through Christ.

I hope this song can serve as a good reminder for you too.