What We Learned At Kids Camp

psalm 150 quote cardFriends,

During our last week of camp, Emily and I read the Psalm above together and it ended up being one of those moments where the Holy Spirit used our setting (kids camp) to cause the Word to come to life for us in some new, fresh, encouraging, and penetrating ways.

If I were to sum up camp with one word it would be: ENERGY! 

There are not many times I find myself singing “This Is Amazing Grace” while my friends Sara-Beth and Morgan are jumping up and down on either side of me. As we are singing, the whole room is erupting with energy. The kind of energy that would scare most adults. Even I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first. Is this worship? It was just much louder and…energetic than what I’m used to.

Praise God for kids!

Kids Quote CardI’m thankful for the reminder that children aren’t a future part of the body of Christ, they are (right now!) a VITAL part of the body of Christ! 

Take a moment and think about a trumpet that’s blasting. It’s not just giving a nice little toot…I mean, it’s really wailing with all of its might. Okay, now consider a cymbal that is resounding and clashing with almost annoying intensity. Now image a room full of people dancing with abandon. The kind of dancing that they could turn into a cardio workout DVD program.

Where do you suppose you would most find this kind of ENERGY during a time of praise?

There was some Psalm 150 happening at kids camp! 

We love the Word of God and so you better believe that connecting this Psalm with our assignment for the summer was like fuel on a fire. We’ve connected with many new leaders of kid’s ministry and we’re hoping that this will also fuel you as you continue on in the week-to-week grind of pouring out your lives.

We don’t believe in energy for energy’s sake, but we do believe in energy for the sake of praising God with all of our might because that’s what we are encouraged to do in Psalm 150.

And so, as per usual, we went to camp thinking we were going to be teaching, serving, and ministering to these kiddos, but we also ended up learning a lot from them too.

Thank you Lord for the WHOLE Church! Each part playing its part. It’s a beautiful thing.