You Are Royalty!


This morning I’m overwhelmed by the incredible honor that it is to be able to walk alongside and serve you all.

If you trust in the atoning work of Christ: YOU ARE ROYALTY!

In the video below, you’ll see that we are trying to memorize Psalm 16. We hope you’ll join us! I’d already written a different email to you all, but this morning the Lord had me sit in verse 3 of this psalm:

“As of the holy people who are in the land, they are the noble ones. All my delight is in them.”

“Noble ones” can also be interpreted as “excellent ones.” Kings are sometimes referred to as “His Excellency.”

Spurgeon has this to say about you in light of vs. 3,

“The title “His Excellency” more properly belongs to the meanest saint than to the greatest [king]. The true aristocracy are believers in Jesus…their own opinion of themselves is far other than their Beloved’s opinion of them; they count themselves to be less than nothing, yet he makes much of them, and sets his heart towards them.

You are mighty kings and queens! Warriors and ambassadors for a better Kingdom. Collectively, you are the beautiful bride of Christ, the one He died for. It’s an honor to serve you and to know you.

I’m proud of what God is doing in all of you. If anything, we just want to cheer you on with our songs and our lives! Like Paul in 1 Corinthians 3, I’m humbled that God has allowed me to be a co-worker as He builds you up and produces a great harvest within and through you.

Dueteronomy 7:6

You are the grafted-in (Romans 11), true people of Israel. And you are treasured by God. I hope that this reality sinks in deep today for some of you and causes you to treasure your great King all the more.

I want to also challenge you to lift your head and truly see the other noble ones around you. God’s delight is in them…shouldn’t our delight be in them too?

Sometimes that’s hard because we can blinded by all the rough edges. We’ve all got our sin and our quirks and our conflicting temperaments…and we are all being perfected. Today I am praying that the Holy Spirit would help you to really see your brothers and sisters in Christ. That you would see that they are holy and righteous because GOD has paid for them and declared them holy and righteous in Christ. Their value is rooted in God’s great value.

And then I’m also praying that you can also love what they are becoming. If we are in Christ, we are being made more and more like Christ with each day (1 Corinthians 3:18 ,1 John 3). That is the work He is doing in all of us. Not just in you, but your Christ-believing neighbor too.

Cheer each other on into the likeness of Christ!
We love you all and are incredibly thankful that the Lord has allowed us to know you. We are honored to get to get to visit your churches, schools, and bible studies. We are honored and incredibly grateful to have been able to stay in many of your homes and share many meals with you all.

We’re looking forward to continuing to know and serve you, the true royalty of the universe.