Your Future Is Incredibly Bright!


Have you ever taken one of those tests that help you discover your strengths? We took one a couple of years ago and I (Jonathan) discovered that I am blessed (and cursed!) with combination of being strategic and futuristic.

Not only do I (often!) dream about and visualize my future, but I’m also able to plan out strategic steps on how to get where I would like to go. It’s been a super helpful combo and I’m thankful to the Lord for how He has created and gifted me.

But any blessing can quickly become a curse.

As we’ve been memorizing Psalm 16 this one tiny part has been doing wonders in my heart and mind;

“You hold my future.”
Verse 5

It took Abraham a little while to rest on this immovable truth.

Abraham wanted a son. It wasn’t a bad desire. In fact, God delighted in Abraham asking for what he wanting and God delighted in giving Abraham the blessing of a son. (Matthew 7:7-11)

But Abraham forgot to rest on the fact that nothing can thwart God’s plan for his life. He started to wonder if God might need a little bit of strategic help. So Abraham brewed up a plan to help make God’s plan happen. He found his own way to have what he wanted, his own way to have a son.

But when I read the story, I see myself in Abraham. I see my tendency to try and fulfill God’s promises for Him. I strategize on how God intends to give me the good gift and I come up with my own plan on how to make it happen. In Abraham, I see my own restlessness in not knowing how or when. I see my restlessness in the waiting. I see my lack of faith and trust in God’s plan and timing.

But Abraham learned from his mistake. He grew in faith and so can we.

The next time that the future became unclear, Abraham rested in the uncertainty and trusted that God held his future.

How was God going to fulfill His promise if Isaac was killed? Abraham didn’t really know. He just knew that God held his future. Abraham didn’t try and resolve that tension this time…and you better believe that there was tension! The not knowing was hard. Abraham was confused and scared and unsure…but He had learned the sweetness of trusting God.

I tend to think that if I can just figure out the steps and the puzzle pieces of how everything will work, I will have peace. But it never really gives peace…it tends to only bring on more problems. But there is a profound and mysterious peace that comes from trusting God when you don’t know. There is a profound peace that comes from resting in the waiting. There is a profound peace that comes from knowing, remembering, and believing in your core that no matter what’s happening or not happening, GOD holds your future.

Praying that you are filled with that peace today in the midst of whatever you’re facing.

Jonathan & Emily